September 2017
html, css, UX, adobe CS, mailchimp
web design

Tragic Joyride is a heavy rock band based in Seattle, reigniting the love of Rock & Roll. This band brings fresh originality to familiar resonating sounds. Fans from many walks of life have joined together in their mutual love for good music, good people, and good times.

This splash page was the final piece of a year-long brand development for the band, which needed a new name to represent their new members. Following extensive brand work and aesthetic exploration, we landed on a page that evoked the following creative narrative that was created from concepts and imagery from the band’s own song lyrics:

There is a wall. Looming, circular, ceaselessly humming as it turns. Heavy and fluid. And in that wall and on the surface there are men, beating the drum and beating their breasts. Constant Revolution. Joyful, beatific, these men wander along the wall and away from it, never able to stray too far. The wall keeps the bad things out. It keeps the bad things in.
There is a man. A single man. One solitary man believing for all. He is lightning fast with one eye on the wall. Hands in the air, screaming, careening, full engine steaming toward the wall. He will not break and everything will shatter, as it was before. Ashes into dust into mud into flame into brick into mortar into the wall we all must go.
But this one man, this one of all men, keeps on driving. Keeps on screaming. Keeps on believing. That is how he does not break. That is how he breaks through.

The splash page is:

  • Consistent with the overall aesthetic of the band, based on prior brand work.
  • Bright, fun, and engaging.
  • Built entirely in html, css, and js.
  • Clean and user-friendly, mobile responsive.
  • Integrated with mailchimp and social media links