July 2018
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web design

Gastric Cancer Foundation

Gastric Cancer Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by stomach cancer and to working with leading researchers to find a cure. Through education, research, advocacy, and community; the Foundation serves as a trustworthy and comprehensive resource upon which patients and caregivers can depend.

In July 2018, we successfully launched the new Gastric Cancer Foundation website. The goal of is to provide a credible and robust resource for people affected by gastric cancer. Using user-friendly design and current technical practices, the website promotes user engagement and subsequently greater awareness and support for the Foundation.

The new website is successfully:

  • Consistent with the original theme of the brand.
  • Updated with a modern and affirming aesthetic, color palette, and imagery.
  • Leading in best design practices with hi-res images and artwork.
  • Scalable for the future.
  • Secure and current with best SEO practices.
  • Clean and user-friendly, mobile responsive.
  • Focused on promoting storytelling through highlighted videos and photos, with real people and stories.
  • Built on a wordpress platform for easy updates and content management.
  • Internally searchable, fully mapped and organized navigation.

In six months, over 20 unique pages of content and over 100 posts and articles were designed and built for the Foundation on a robust and mobile-responsive wordpress platform. The website is fully integrated with the Foundation’s social media outlets and monthly newsletter campaign.