An effective logo tells a complete story in its simplest form

Each story and project is as unique as the client. A logo design starts off with a comprehensive discussion and brainstorm to understand the needs of the brand and the target audience. We establish clear messaging with the goal of creating a lasting and impactful logo that represents the brand.

The design process includes

Three rounds of branding and type treatments, delivered each time for feedback and revisions. Total sketches in each round may be anywhere from 3-15 unique treatments, depending on the direction you choose. With each round, we will discuss direction and edits extensively. This evolutionary process will result in a comprehensive brand logo and branding guide after the third round. All final approved artwork is your property.

Starting at $800

Thoughtful and responsive design is essential to a successful website

Digital platforms for marketing your brand are constantly evolving, a current and active digital presence is vital. Creating a website is more than finding the right template. It's about creating a cohesive and immersive experience that keeps your target audience interested and engaged.

Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver!

A web design process is broken down into four phases. Discovery: Extensive research and discussion of content, goals and messaging; website flowcharts, navigation, and UX wireframes are then built out. Design: Mockups of keystone pages and style guides are developed. Develop: Artwork is translated into a responsive, interactive website built on a robust html/css/php platform and is tested thoroughly. Launch: The final deliverable is a LIVE and fully realized website that is lasting and engaging.

Personal (under 8 pages) – starting at $4,000
Startup/Nonprofit (8-20 pages) – starting at $9,000
Corporate (20+ pages) – starting at $18,000
Designing Beyond Digital

Studio Lyko also offers comprehensive paper goods from design to print. Finding the best design solution doesn't stop on the digital screen. Thoughtful and informed design is also necessary to choosing the best printing and materials and meeting your marketing or publishing needs.

Flyer/Brochure design – starting at $250
Invitation design – starting at $800
Printing and Shipping – inquire for an estimate

Printed add-ons with your logo are also available for a discounted rate when purchased with a branding package:
+ business cards
+ stationery
+ postcards
+ and other marketing materials


Studio Lyko offers the following services at hourly rates. Rates are determined on a sliding scale based on the scope and skillset of the project. Discounts for startups and nonprofits are also available.


+ Website maintenance and debugging
+ WordPress, squarespace, wix, and shopify edits
+ Wikipedia edits
+ FTP support
+ Product design
+ Art file creation/conversion
+ Icons and graphics
+ Presentations

Contact below for a pricing estimate.

Let's Talk about it

Maybe you don't know where to start on a project. Maybe you are excited to roll up your sleeves and design something yourself but would like some guidance. Studio Lyko is just a phone call away and ready to help. A one hour session could be the boost you need to move forward with your brand. You may also receive helpful brainstorming guides to help you along after a consultation.

Lending you design and online marketing expertise

+ SEO & ecommerce tools
+ Online marketing and social media integration
+ Web design and strategy
+ website walkthrough (how to safely make edits to your website)

Starting at $80/hr

Contact below for special non-profit pricing, limited availability.

Low Key
$35/ monthly

The bare minimum protection for clients with infrequent content updates, low traffic, and no ecommerce. No security included.

  • – Monthly database, plugin, theme, and full website backups going back 3 months
  • – One full backup that is kept current (no more than one week old)
  • – Monthly updates to plugins, themes, and core
  • – Free install of any stored backup

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Digital Leader
$85/ monthly

Robust security for your website. Ideal for high-traffic websites with frequent content updates, multiple users/subscribers, and ecommerce.

  • – Daily database, plugin, theme, and full website backups going back 1 month
  • – Weekly database, plugin, theme, and full website backups going back 3 months
  • – Monthly database, plugin, theme, and full website backups going back 6 months
  • – One full backup always kept current
  • – Weekly updates to plugins, themes, and core
  • – Weekly performance monitoring
  • – Weekly uptime monitoring
  • – Daily malware scan
  • – Local brute force protection
  • – 404 detection
  • – 2-factor authentication
  • – Up to 1 hour of debugging & troubleshooting per month included
  • – Website hosting included
  • - optional SSL purchase and install (+$5/mo)
  • – Free install of any stored backup

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