April 2020
Squarespace, html, css, UX, adobe CS
web design, branding

Los Angeles Birth Partners

Los Angeles Birth Partners (LABP) offers expert care and support to help families make informed decisions to achieve their best birth and parenting experience.

LABP is one of Los Angeles’ longest standing doula practices. The website offers information and resources for birthing people, as well as online scheduling and applications for classes and services.

The new LABP brand identity reflects its LA roots as well as modern and inclusive design. The logo represents the multifaceted offerings and collective resources of a large and diverse group of doulas and birth workers. Los Angeles Birth Partners is an organization rooted in wisdom and compassion and is deserving of a logo that reflects such.

The new website is successfully:

  • Leading in best design practices with hi-res images and artwork.
  • Scalable for the future.
  • Secure and current with best SEO practices.
  • Clean and user-friendly, mobile responsive.
  • Warm, inclusive, and inviting.
  • Built on a Squarespace 7.1 platform for easy updates and content management.