August 2019
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100 Years From Mississippi

100 Years from Mississippi is a documentary film project that tells the incredible story of Mamie Lang Kirkland, whose life over the last 110+ years represents the courage of African Americans shaped by the Jim Crow era and its terrorist arm. Her story begins in Ellisville, Mississippi, where she and her family fled to escape one of the most horrific lynchings of the era. It continues through the streets of St. Louis, Illinois, during one of the bloodiest race riots in history and further up through Alliance, Ohio, where Klansmen burned crosses on their lawn. Now, after one hundred years, Mamie Kirkland returns to Mississipi to tell her story of resilience, transformation, forgiveness, and memory.

The film is currently in post-production and is seeking a larger audience to drive greater attention and support for the project. This new website, launched in August 2019, serves as a resource for those interested in learning more about the film and about Mamie. Along with the website, a detailed and layered collage was created to resonate with the film’s message and reflect Mamie’s life.

The new website is successfully:

  • Leading in best design practices with hi-res images and artwork.
  • Scalable for the future.
  • Secure and current with best SEO practices.
  • Clean and user-friendly, mobile responsive.
  • Contextual, powerful, emotional, and historical.
  • Built on a wordpress platform for easy updates and content management.